Extremely Dry

So the insides of my nose and sinuses feel extremely dry?   The other side of the nostrils that we can’t reach if that make sense .What else can I do ?I have tried almost everything. Feels so uncomfortable. I’m drinking lots of water so not sure the reason . It’s making my asthma worse  and it feels like hot air is the air that is coming out of my nose . ENT appointment Friday.


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  • BenR

    @Emelina yes thank you . They don’t last that long between my allergies, asthma, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Also this warm weather.

  • K8sMom2002

    I know you said it's part of the nasal passages that you can't easily reach … could you talk with your doctor about these ideas?

    • Checking your home's overall humidity level?
      • While keeping the humidity below 45% is ideal if you manage dust mite or mold allergies, if the humidity drops too low, below around 35%, it can create discomfort.
    • Using a warm steam vaporizer —
      • I'm thinking of the ones like Vicks Vapor Rub use to have. As an alternative, could you try heating a pot of water on the stove and breathing in moist, warm air?
    • Using a saline gel in your nostrils? 
      • This is an unmedicated gel that you can use with a cotton swab. My DD uses this in her nose twice daily, as she has a bleeding disorder and a tendency to have nosebleeds if her nostrils dry out.
  • BenR

    @K8sMom2002 thank you for suggestions. I have tried all . Right now they are not working .  I have saline gell  in my nose right now . I ordered nesmed gell Spray. Maybe that  will work. My doctor doesn’t like me to use a humidifier because of the Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and immune deficiency it will be harder to get rid of a infection if I have one . I used to love me a good steam room. But she made me stop that . I had some  wasabi today which helped for a little.

  • Melanie Carver

    Not sure if this is an appropriate option (you'll need to check with your doc), but have you tried wearing a mask? It will trap your own breath's moisture and possibly give minor relief. 

    Here's a current discussion about mask options: