Eradicating allergens

Per blood work done by an allergist, I am very allergic to roaches – IgE is 100.00 kul, whatever that means! After an extermination done in my apartment I LITERALLY have not had more than 5 days without allergic reactions including stinging/tingling in my mouth, on tongue and lips, painful throat, mild asthma and warm hands. And the extermination was done 12/22/2017!!

Assuming all this is a result of the dead roaches, can anyone suggest what I can do? If it's due to dead roaches why did I go almost 45 years with no reactions? And if it's all related to the dead roaches how can I get rid of them if I have no idea where they are?

I am at my wit's end and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes … I'm not sure why you went for so long without having a big reaction to roaches only to develop such a strong reaction. Have you asked your allergist?

    One thing our then-allergist said about DD's very severe reaction was that sometimes that sort of tipped the balance for a while and could leave her immune system more "trigger happy." He explained that was why he was prescribing a taper of prednisone for her and not to be surprised if she reacted to things in the meantime that she usually didn't. 

    Ditto our current allergist team … they've explained that during certain times of the year, when her allergy bucket is full, she's more likely to react to things that at other times wouldn't cause a problem. 

    Could you ask your doc if it would help to take a vacation from your apartment for a little while and see if your reactions settle down? 

    If it was, then could you talk with the exterminators about where the roaches might be and see what advice they could give you?

  • Paularose

    Yikes is right! I am going back to Cornell Weill's Allergy center tomorrow to see yet another allergist to try to get some straight answers. Nothing makes any sense anymore. All I know is that the externination is the key.

    Thanks as usual.😊

  • Shea

    I dont know… My thoughts are just trying to use air filtration or moving if you can. I have had to move in the past due to allergies and I picked my current home out with reducing my allergies/asthma triggers as a top priority.