Earwax blockage/allergies

Hi everybody, due to my recent allergies and my narrow ears, I recently got a buildup of earwax on my right side of my ear. I have scheduled an appointment for PCP but it's not until this Thursday, what should I do in the meantime. Thanks and how should I prevent chronic earwax buildup due to my allergies?


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  • Kathy P

    Ugh that sounds uncomfortable! Have you always had earwax issues? My dh always has buildups and has to keep on top of things. Sometimes he uses the OTC stuff to clean it out. If you have inflammation, I recommend asking the doc what is safe to do.

  • K8sMom2002

    I've had that, Eric — very difficult to hear when your ear is completely blocked with ear wax!

    First, if you are having repeated problems with ear wax, I'd ask to be referred to an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor.) What I was told is that wax will usually work its way out. As the wax forms, it dries out and flakes off, then drops out of your ear canal as you turn your head or sleep.

    This doesn't happen, though, if it's packed in by someone trying to clean it out with a cotton swab or unless it continually gets wet from, say, swimming or getting water in their ears.

    But if you're like me and your canals are narrow and angled differently than most grown-ups, you can ask your doctor about:

    • using an OTC alcohol based drop for swimmer's ear in your ears after showering or swimming
    • using ear plugs in your ears when you're in the water (wet wax expands, so that's why it's so bothersome for me)
    • if using earbuds or hearing aids could be blocking the wax from getting out on its own. Folks who wear hearing aids tend to have more wax accumulate because it has nowhere to go.

    Another thing — . I'm of European descent, so my ear wax is the gummy, sticky kind. My DD is Asian, so her earwax is flaky and dry, and sometimes a piece of earwax can build up and tickle her ear canal, driving her crazy with itching. That's when her earwax needs to come out.

  • Jen

    Eric – I hope you're able to get at least a little relief before you go to the doctor.  

  • Eric E. Viereck, Jr.

    So far my ear is a little better and thank goodness I do have a ENT doctor. I think some of the wax fell out, but I'm still getting some of that tinnitus. Wsh me luck everyone and I'll update asap. 

  • Kathy P

    GL! Glad some seems to have come out. Hopefully the ENT can clean it out and give you ways to keep it from building up again.

  • K8sMom2002

    Here's hoping that when your hearing is restored after the wax is gone, that the tinnitus will be gone, too. Let us know what the doc says!