Dust Allergy

I am suffering in dust allergy form when i have asthma. When i someway got into the fewest contact of dust, runny nose occurs and lengths above 6-8 hours. In this time, the sneezing also occurs at a high rate. So i ask suggestion that by which way i can overcome my sufferings and get rid of form the dust allergies?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Mdashiquennobi, ugh on the sneezing and runny nose that goes on for so long after exposure to dust. 

    I'm thinking you have tried avoiding dust as much as possible? It IS hard, isn't it?

    AAFA has a couple of great resources on allergy symptoms like you have:

    •  (It talks about different treatment options)
    •  (this lists treatment options AND ways to prevent allergic reactions to dust mites.)
  • mdashiquennobi

    Yeah it is hard. Because in Bangladesh, almost in every city there are dust in the street. And that is the problem. I think i have to take mask for making my nose safe from dust.

  • mdashiquennobi

    I have not started to wear mask yet. But i am thinking about it. In our country the mask which in the best at quality is not available. And for that reason i will buy cloth masks which price is 20 BDT (0.24$).

  • K8sMom2002

    Mdashiquennobi, that stinks that better quality masks aren't available. Can you order them online? I've been able to buy certain things (shoes, certain food items) from overseas. 

    I hope the mask that you ARE able to get will help!