Digestive issues

Does anyone get digestive issues from environmental allergies? I would figure we have To ingest some of that stuff from the air. Plus I’m sure my cilia issues play a factor .


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  • K8sMom2002

    Ben, that's a great question … but it could be a chicken and egg kind of deal.

    Environmental allergies can create excess post-nasal drip that can irritate the throat and sometimes make us feel queasy and nauseous. 

    That extra mucus can also make us more aware of a previously inflamed throat from something like GERD or acid reflux.

    And GERD can actually be a .

    Regardless of the cause — or what comes first — talking with your doctor about it could give you some options for symptom relief. And if reflux or GERD is a trigger for you, figuring out ways to relieve it could also help your asthma and allergies.

    Could you talk to your doctor about it? 

  • BenR

    I have always had stomach issues. My allergist thinks from the drip and  my cilia issues.

  • Breatheeasy

    Yes I do. But I have a lot(all fruit, some grain, nuts, dairy, squash family) of food allergies. Food allergies that don’t show up on the skin test. When I avoid these foods I am usually ok. 

  • BenR

    Also I forgot about Cross reaction.  When it’s grass and ragweed season . I have more issues with fruit.

  • Shea

    My son has oral food syndrome to foods that cross-react with seasonal environmentals. He avoids cucumber abd bananas when ragweed season is in. Right now many fruits and veggies make him itchy (like carrots, berries, peppers) but he can eat them when I cook them and no problem. He does have severe food allergies to nuts, soy, honeydew melon and cantaulope. I have food allergies to apples, grapes, peaches, pears, plums as well as a history of digestive issues (ulcerative colitis) and a very severe peanut/treenut allergy. I always wondered about my food allergies and alot are cross-reactive with birch pollen but mine are all beyond the oral food syndrome and are true full-blown allergy, because they cause hives, vomitting, etc whether cooked or raw. Now I still have digestive issues related to churg-strauss syndrome which us a disease in which allergic eosinophils can infiltrate organs abd bloid vesseks putting it into its own class if allergic disease. They can do biopsies to see if the tissue has eosinophils in it.. I just try avoidance of things tgat seem to bother my skin, breathing, or stomach and keep monitored with the drs.