Contacts or Glasses

Have any of you had to switch to wearing glasses after wearing contacts due to allergies?  I have been wearing contacts for gosh, 24 years, I love them. But my eyes are so dry anymore and during times of the year like now, my eyes are always so goopy. I use eye drops and they help, but they also dry out my eyes, which are not good for contacts. I am due for an eye exam at the end of the month. So I will be talking to the DR about switching brands of contacts and seeing what my options are. 


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  • Kathy P

    My DD is dealing with that right now. Her allergies are so bad right now and her eyes are really bad. She says they feel swollen She's been wearing her glasses since I picked her up on Thursday. She normally wears Accuview one day. But she's rubbing her eyes so much.

  • Marie E Natzke

    Years ago I wore contacts when they first came out with the soft lenses. After a few years of wearing them I developed an eye infection. I stopped wearing them until the infection cleared up. The Dr have me the ok to wear the contacts again and within a few hours I had to stop wearing the contacts again. I went to see a different eye Dr and he told me I was allergic to the contacts. It took me a year to clear the infection up. I had to use antibiotic ointment as well as an oral antibiotic and drops and cleaned  my lids  with baby shampoo. After that I kept having flare ups of it until the Dr realized I was having allergy attacks No more infections .That's when I was sent to an allergist. This happened in 1988.  Now I suffer from chronic dry eyes. Not sure the cause could be my arthritis and the drugs I'm on. So I just wear glasses. No more contacts.  

  • K8sMom2002

    One thing to consider: could it be an allergy to your contact lens solution?

    First I developed an allergy to my contact lens solution — the regular stuff that I'd used for years. It made my eyes irritated and burn and have lesions on the cornea.

    My eye doctor diagnosed it and told me to stop using anything but the Clear Care peroxide based solution. He said I'd developed an allergy to one of the preservatives or cleaning ingredients in the old contact lens solution. Since then, I've had no issues (except that the peroxide based cleaner is more expensive AND nowhere near as convenient.)

    Then when DD started having similar issues, he said it was the same thing. So she moved to the Clear Care peroxide based solution as well. It really helped our eyes!

    On high pollen days, I don't even try to wear contacts unless I'm driving. My eye glasses are a few prescriptions back, so they work for most things, but not driving. The next time I go for an eye appointment, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy both contact lenses and new eyeglasses. I did that with DD, and it made a world of difference, because now she can wear glasses on high pollen days and not irritate her eyes.

  • Pljohns

    I have both but I actually only wear 1 contact-my left eye sees far with the contact and my right eye adjusted to near with no contact.  My glasses are trifocals and have been for years but about 3 years ago, I decided to try contacts again.  We couldn't get them right and I just made an off handed comment when I took the right one out that if we could do that, I could see really well.  My Mom use to wear only one contact until she had her stroke and can't handle them at all now, but it works well for me too.  My glasses are a few prescriptions back as well and I need to get new ones this year.  

    Melissa-hope you can figure something out-

  • Melissa G

    Thanks Lynn! Bekah and I both will be going next week to the eye drs and I can't wait. My prescription is off too. I am hoping with seeing a new dr, somethings will be corrected. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Hey guys, I began wearing contacts at age 19 and loved them. I couldn't believe how much better I could see!  In my mid-30's, I was diagnosed from dry eye syndrome but continued (uncomfortably) to wear my contacts. At age 37, I realized that it wasn't worth the pain and itchiness. I bought a nice pair of kid-sized glasses (no wonder regular glasses didn't look good on me!) and never looked back.


  • Melissa G

    Brenda, that is not what I wanted to hear….. I know I probably need to give up my contacts, but in my whiniest voice possible…I don't want too…..

    Sigh, time to act like grown up….and just deal with it. 

  • Melissa G

    So I finally made it to the eye drs yesterday. Not only did he change the brand of my contacts, I forgot to ask what brand. I am currently in a trial pair to see if I like them. He also changed the solution I use. He wants me using Clear Care Plus. It's peroxide based with a neat little case. My eyes felt better last night and so far I like them today. I go back in two weeks for a follow up and then if I like them to order some. These are monthly contacts instead of bi-monthly.

  • Melissa G

    I can't tell if it is the brand of contacts or the new cleaning solution but my new contacts are great. I am not having anymore eye issues and my eyes are not tired at night anymore. As soon as I find out the brand of contacts I will let you know. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Melissa, that's great news!!  So, you replace these contacts every 30 days? That might be better for your eyes too, since the previous type was every 60 days, right?

  • Melissa G

    My previous contacts, I replaced every two weeks. I think between the different material for the contacts and different cleaning solution, my eyes are doing so much better. 

  • Pljohns

    Melissa-isnt’ it funny how just the slightest change can make such a big difference? Really glad you are doing so much better

  • Melissa G

    Thanks Lynn! The eye dr kept telling me how much I was going to like them. I had pretty much resigned myself to having to go back to glasses. So happy that the contacts are working. 

  • Melissa G

    I ended up getting a second trial pair of contacts, a different brand. I was having a hard time seeing under fluorescent lights. I have had these for a week and wow, I had no idea contacts could be this comfortable and my vision is even better than the last pair. I go back to the eye dr's next tuesday for another follow up. If they are still working, then I will get a year's supply then.