Cat Allergies

My husband has suddenly been diagnosed with a severe allergic reaction to our almost 4 yr old cats.  The allergist wants to put him on Dupixent.

I am at a loss for words for the whole thing and we both love our babies but want to know if this will help.  We are in the early stages of research and do not even know the cost and if the insurance will cover it.

Thought, please,


Cat Mom




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  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, my goodness … hugs! I can understand how hard this would be for you. What sort of allergic reaction did he have? 

    What sorts of strategies have you tried? 

    Hugs … we're here for you as you work through this.

  • Shea

    I lived with cats while allergic (I had taken Singulair prior to moving in with my boyfriend who had cats. I thought the singulair worked well, but 2 years later started developing asthma) (I never had adthma before, just cat and dog dander allergy). I started needing to go to the hospital for breathing treatments and needing prednisone tapers and it was different than my prior immediate wheezing and sneezing around cats–but more a chronic breathing issue and sinitus that was developing. I started suspecting the cat allergy, and my (now-ex) would not find a home for his cats. I was pregnant with our son. The risk was too high–I had tried everything cleaning-wise, seperate sleeping room, but cat dander is sticky and gets everywhere. I had to move out, and my sons father brought loads of my clothes that were covered in cat hair because the cats slept in that closet with thise clorhes–I told him not to bring those clothes to my parents house, that I had what I needed and didnt want them in the small room the baby and I stayed in– but he shoved them in. I had a horrible reaction that night, had to go to the ER thinking I needed a breathing treatnent, turns out I had a heart attack at age 26 from allergic eosinophils (blood cells made during allergy) surrounding my heart and choking it off and I was diagnosed with a severe chronic allergic disease called churg-strauss syndrome that is now being correlated to singulair use, which the hospital pulmonologist called a bad drug, and every allergist and immunologist since has told me it was a bad idea to live with an animal I was allergic to. I nearly died. Dont mess with cat allergies!!! It is not doing anyone a favor. 

  • Jen


    Welcome to AAFA's support forums.  Sounds like you guys are in a difficult situation.  What did the allergist say about keeping the cats?

  • Melissa G

    @CatMom did your insurance company approve the dupixent? If so, is it helping your husband? 

  • Tiffany F.

    I guess this would mostly be up to your husband and seeing if he can tolerate the cats with medication.   Can you have them groomed more regularly and ask the groomer to use that anti-allergen shampoo?  I thought they made meds now for cats that helped them shed less dander.