Anybody out here wih chronic post nasal drip?

Hi! I’m new here. I’ve had allergies all my life. My worst symptom is a constant post nasal drip for the past 13 years. Super awesome when you’re a singer. It’s worse in the fall/winter but I always have it. Allergy shots helped a little. Wondering if there are others like me here…


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  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, my … that sounds really frustrating! I'm glad the allergy shots have helped a bit. 

    What sort of allergies do you have that kick up in the fall? And do you live in an area that has a warmer winter? I live in Georgia, where the growing season is long, and we still have many warm days and things that bloom in the winter.

    My doc has suggested making sure that I thin out my post-nasal drip by keeping well-hydrated — that can make it less noticeable and bothersome. 

  • Songbird

    Thanks for the reply, Cynthia! According to my skin test, I’m allergic to over 50 things, so I’m not really sure what it is that hits me so badly in the fall…but it worsens every October like clockwork and starts to get better in March. I read the folks with dust allergies are affected badly in the winter due to more time spent indoors, so this October I tried to spend as much time outside as I did in summer. Didn’t help. I live in Pennsylvania and have tried to convince my husband I need to move down south because I’m obviously allergic to the cold! Water does help a bit. Thanks for reminding me. I drink a fair amount but probably not enough.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hmmm … for me cold definitely triggers my nose — sneezing, runny nose, even my asthma. If I am outdoors, if I keep my hands and feet warm, that can help me, as well as a scarf and headgear. I use gloves, those little hot-pocket hand warmers, and toe warmers and layers. (Yeah, I'd never survive PA snowy winters!)

    And indoor air quality can definitely be an issue when you're stuck inside due to the weather. Have you checked out AAFA's resource on ?

    There are a few super helpful blog posts, too … maybe start with this one? 

  • Kathy P

    *raises hand* mucus is my super power and I constantly have glop dripping down the back of my throat. It gets better or worse seasonally, but always there. 

    I take daily antihistamines and get allergy shots. My doc also has me using a steroid nasal spray and nasal rinses.

    There are fall pollens like weeds that be an issue for being outside. You can see where your city ranks in AAFA's Fall Allergy Capitals repire – That report also has tips. Mold can also become an issue with fallen leaves and rain. Those allergens get tracked inside as well.

    For me, I have to keep my bedroom clear of allergens – dust is not only dust mites, but also pollen and mold spores that get tracked in. And we have an attached bath, so I have to tackle mold in there too. The checklist Cynthia linked above is a great resource!

  • Melissa G

    My dh has chronic post nasal drip. It really aggravated his asthma until we got aggressive with treatment. He takes a daily antihistamine and sinus medication, does saline rinses, uses a nasal spray. That combination has really helped. It took a while to figure out what he needed.


  • Songbird

    Thank you ladies for the helpful links I am psyched to check out! I feel like antihistamines do nothing for me. Steroid sprays help a little. Allergy shots help more but I had to take a break from them after 3 years. Neti pot was the only thing I tried that helped significantly but after 6 months I developed wicked sinus inflammation. I got a CT scan but my doctor still couldn’t figure out why. The working theory is my very mildly deviated septum caused water to leak into places it shouldn’t. So I can no longer use theone thing that really worked for me. My personal steamer helps when it gets really bad but I have to be able to invest the time to do it multiple times a day. 

  • Songbird

    And yes Cynthia, the cold itself is a huge trigger! I don’t know how I live in PA 🙃

  • K8sMom2002

    How frustrating, Songbird, to lose the one thing that helped and not know what the cause was. What did your doc suggest in place of the Neti pot? And I'm guessing the CT scan ruled out any sort of infection from the water itself?

    What sort of steamer do you use? I think I recall other members using various steamers … maybe they will chime in and share as well. It might be a good option for us

  • Songbird

    Hi Cynthia. I use a Vicks personal steamer. I did not have an infection according to my doctor. My doctor could only recommend the other standards: antihistamines, steroid sprays, etc. 

    Sometimes I think the worst part is that for as common as it is – nobody really seems to document the long term effects of chronic PND. Years earlier in my journey, I noticed I had painless swollen lymph nodes, googled that and convinced myself I had cancer. I went to see my doctor and he told me that’s pretty normal for people in my situation. Why could I not find that info on the web? More recently, I noticed a couple little dark red spots on my throat right in the PND area (which I’d assume could be a product of long term inflammation) but when you google that, all you get is cancer. This is annoying enough without having to constantly worry something worse is happening. Ok, my rant for today is over. Thanks for letting me vent, friends!

  • K8sMom2002

    I agree! Dr. Google can come up with some scary diagnoses! And venting is what we're here for … also, to help us when we get the willies scared out of us after succumbing to Google diving. I appreciate it when my buddies here will reassure me.

  • Melissa G

    @Songbird How are you doing? Has there been any improvement with your post nasal drip?

  • Songbird

    Hi @Melissa G. Eh, not really. Some days are better than others. I do better in warmer more humid air. Hard to come by in the Northeast in December but we’ve had a few fays like that recently. I’ll probaby have a cough to some extent until March. Mucinex D and steam helps a little. I wish I could still do nasal rinses. That was the only thing that really seemed to work. I hope your dh is still doing well!

  • Melissa G

    I agree the weather we have been having, isn't exactly "winter" weather. We use Mucinex D too. It does seem to help. My dh is doing well, thanks for asking. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Songbird maybe it was the saline packets that caused inflammation? There are different ones out there. My Dr has me using neilmed. It could be the dry air that is causing a problem? I've been using neilmed nasogel it seems to be helping me so far. I still get a raspy voice but seems to sooth my sinuses.

  • Songbird

    Hi Melissa. Thanks for checking in :-). Actually not too bad considering. My nose has been running but it’s managable and honestly much preferable to my usual mid winter cough and massive drip. Hopefully I can make it through the rest of the winter without backsliding. I hope you and the dh are doing well!

  • Songbird

    I never thought of that Marie. I used NeilMed but I think sometimes I just got the old CVS brand. I’ll have to look into nasal gel. I’ve never tried it. I definitely do better in humid weather so the dry air could play a role. Thanks for thr insight!

  • Marie E Natzke

    SONGBIRD  your welcome. I know how frustrating it is. I had a bad sinus infection a few yrs ago and even though the infection is gone. It left me with very touchy sinuses. I've noticed something. Even using a saline nasal spray I get a bloody discharge. I'm beginning to think between the type of arthritis  I have and that having a sinus infection made the lining sensitive. So it's not the type of spray I use its just the fact that it's a spray. So ointment would be better.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  • Lisa123

    I also have a constant post nasal drip.  This last month has been the worse- me and the kids.  One of them now has pneumonia after a month of allergy misery (he’s 4).

    anyone else also sensitive to most scents?  Maybe this should be a new thread.  Sometimes when I have had asthma I found out it was my detergent.  We have been using babyganics unscented for years now and thought maybe try seventh gen again – seemed a bit worse but not sure.  

    Have tried tide (asthma/worst reaction), all, arm and hammer, eco, seventh gen and babyganics.

    all of those of course are free and clear versions. 

    Anyone find a miracle detergent?  I think I might have asked this…having some type of memory- did someone say maybe vinegar on the washing machine? For cleaners we only use vinegar and seventh gen unscenred products.  That made life much better for my migraines.  I wake up stuffy w drip  in my daughters room every day.  In sons my nose runs.

    got rid of dog, really good about allergy covers, change sheets weekly, and dusting etc.  even have a house keeper to help.