Any options for sofas other than vinyl or leather?

I was recently diagnosed as being allergic to dust mites. My sofas are old and need replacing anyway so I'm researching options. I don't like how leather and vinyl sofas feel. I live in North Carolina and they are sticky when you sit on them in shorts or short skirts. Does anyone know of any other options? I was thinking that it might be possible for some of the Amish wooden couches that have removable cushions to have encasements like what I'm putting on my bed. Does anyone know of places that sell anything like that?


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  • Shea

    IKEA sells a lot of cushions with removable/washable zipper covers but I dont think they sell zipper encasements for the cushions themselves. And it is kinda a pain honestly– I have one and I wash mine like twice a year and then I just vacuum it and spray it eith this ADMS Anti-allergen spray. I want to just get a wipable leather or fake-leather couch eventually.

  • Melissa G

    Dragon, great question. I am not sure. 

    We just have a regular couch, and I just vacuum it a lot. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Dragon, what if you went with a hybrid approach? You could go with

    • a sofa with leather arms and trim but with cushions with removable covers to wash
    • a sofa with wooden or metal arms with cushions with removable covers to wash
    • a vinyl sofa with a slip cover that you could remove and wash … a quick Google search turned up this that looks really nice and seems reasonable ($179). Just a note that I have never used this company and don't know anything about it, but it's just to show that you may have options.

    And if all else fails … the low-tech solution … could you use a washable throw to sit on if you're wearing shorts or a skirt? 

    We live in Georgia (like NC, very hot and sticky), and I was afraid of our leather furniture feeling sticky. But it hasn't. Vinyl CAN get sticky because it doesn't breathe, but our leather chair with its ottoman doesn't.

  • Shea

    I thought I'd pop back on here because my insomnia has led me to and I am considering a day bed, because I can buy the zippered encasement for the mattress and dress it up as a couch with some pillows (again with encasements and washable covers). Heres a screenshot: (Id put pillows all across the backs and possibly small narrow ones on the ends). I have two thin twin ikea mattresses already do I wouldnt have to buy those and then I could use thus as a guest bed– I dont know if I ever would but maybe if theres a big hurricane some family might come here. Otherwise it'll just be a couch(that I dont have to vacuum!!)