Any one have Low immunoglobulins?

Just curious if anyone has low immunoglobulin? I have low IGG, IGM , low IGG subclass 1,2,3.


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  • K8sMom2002

    BenR, that has to complicate your asthma management. What treatment plan options has your doctor discussed with you?

  • Kathy P

    Hi Ben – I don't have low overall IgG, but I do have a Specific Antibody Deficiency type of immune deficiency. There are many different types of immune deficiencies. 

    Are you seeing an immunologist? Why did they run the immune panel? Mine did the work up because I was constantly getting sinus infections and bronchitis. Turned out I had zero immunity to the common bacteria that causes them. 

  • BenR

    @K8sMom2002 basically the same treatment as my primary Ciliary Dyskinesia with nebulizer and such. I have to be careful with say eating at buffet or raking leaves per say. Basically I have to be careful around potential infections . Like my Mexico trip before my doctor put me on double antibiotics. Also I have learned the early signs of pneumonia and sinus infection and such . Also if I get sick my first stop is immunologist over General doctors.. @Kathy P  I see an immunologist.  She did the panel for me as well because I kept on getting sick all the time . She just thought on lark she would see . also tested me for cystic fibrosis and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Ironically I tested positive on my nasal biopsy and borderline sweat test.  I had to get genetic testing . I have one pathogenic anomaly for cystic fibrosis. My pcd doctor doesn’t think I have it . But I also have a unknown genetic anomaly  connected to a gene that deals with moving cilia disorders.I have another one that deals with disorders of non moving cilia . They haven’t found all genes for pcd yet and there not sure how all of my genes if there playing off of each other . But practically they said I fit into  immune deficiency and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Unless they decide to name something after me . My doctor is trying to get me on ivig but I don’t meet the pattern. Since my vaccines levels are still good but dropping . Granted I had to get multiple shots of each .

  • Kathy P

    Interesting about the vaccine levels being still good. Mine were non-existant and insufficient response on the vaccine challenge. But having overall low IgG and subclasses may be enough to sort out a specific type of PID. A good place to start for learning about PID is the .

  • BenR

    @Kathy P my vaccines are getting lower each time they check it . I had to get four  tetanus  shots  not at the same time .  I’m already member of the Immune Deficiency Foundation.

  • jtomotaki

    I have low IgG and low IgM with some response to vaccine challenge. Doctor said "it's not nothing" but it wasn't as high of a response as he would like. I began IgG replaced in February 2018 and have been much healthier as far as respiratory and sinus infections since then.