Allergy Testing Results

This past Thursday I had my allergy testing done. After being scratched and poked more times than I wish, my results were not shocking….after all, my allergies have grown worse with every passing year. 

Drechslera, Acremonium, Rhizopus – Molds/Mildews

America Cockroach – Animals

Dust Farinae – Dust Mites

Hickory, Sweet Gum, Oak, Birch, Maple, Ashe -Trees

Sagebrush – Weeds

 Bahia – Grass

Turns out trees are my kryptonite. The really good news (sarcasm)….I have Bahia grass, sweet gum, oaks & maple trees all in a very close proximity to my house. 😟 I was not tested for Pecan as it’s not considered a commonly found tree in Florida (I have 4+ in my yard). 

My question to everyone is this…..there isn’t a whole lot of information to be found on the molds & mildews that I’m allergic to. So how can I prevent & avoid them? 

I’m cleaning my house today, deep cleaning, washing sheets and such. Any tips of what I must not forget to include in this cleaning?  


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  • Melissa G

    Tree are my nemesis too!  I'm sorry your allergies are so extensive. I hope the testing helps you be more proactive in treatment. 

     is a good resource on Mold allergy. 

  • LK

    CAPuttPutt,  That's rough to be allergic to several of the trees that are right near your home.    

    In my housecleaning, I try to remember to vacuum not only the floor but also the furnace/A/C vents in each room.  I can tell when I have not done them in awhile.

    I found out about a month ago that I am allergic to two kinds of dust mites so I try to wear a mask when I am cleaning house.  I try to keep mine on even after I clean/vacuum since it takes from 20 minutes to one hour for the air to settle.  

    Hope you and your doctor have found some ways to help you feel better!

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, CaPuttPutt! Ugh on the Bahia grass … that's a problem for DD as well, along with rye grass. One thing our doctor has suggested is that we make sure the grass is cut before it starts going to seed. 

    Our doc has pointed out that trees have a "season" when they pollinate, and eventually they get done for the year. Grass, on the other hand, continually pollinates as it grows. So her suggestion is to not let the Bahia grass get those ugly hairy Ys on them! (Only people who love to hate Bahia grass can understand what I mean!)

    As for cleaning, Lisa's reminder about dust settling is a good one. Could you leave your air conditioner fan running or your air purifier running during and after vacuuming and dusting?

    Have you checked out the blog posts on indoor air quality?

    • Marie E Natzke

      Using a damp cloth and mop helps to trap the dust and not allow it to get airborne. The most important room in the house to keep clean is your bedroom so keeping it as dust free clutter free will help you a lot. I use a furnace filter in my bedroom window so I can open it when we can't run the air conditioner. 

      Bathroom, showers wipe the walls down after every shower to help prevent mold. If you do Have mold vinegar or bleach will help kill it. Use a vent if possible while showering etc…

    • LK

      Marie, Never thought of putting a furnace filter in the window.  That's brilliant!!  Do you use a HEPA filter?  How do you secure it so the wind doesn't blow it loose?

    • Marie E Natzke

      Lisa the plastic ones are the best…you can wash them or recycle them the cardboard ones don't do well in humid weather or rainy weather

    • CAPuttPutt

      @Melissa G

      Hi Melissa! I've been doing well, thanks for asking.

      My allergy medicines seem to be making a real difference; the nose spray tastes terrible but works wonders. I've noticed in the last few days some increase in some drainage and some congestion so I need to add my Benadryl back at night. You wouldn't think that with all the rain we've been having in Florida that the allergens would be so abundant but they are (though I'm sure the rain has stifled them – no telling what they would be like if we were in a drought).

      How have things been on your end?

    • Melissa G

      Yay on the meds working!!  That is always a plus. I had the same problem this spring here.. We had a ton of rain, yet my allergies were terrible. 

      We are doing well thanks! It is nice to have a few weekends without rain. 

    • Pljohns

      CAPUTTPUTT- on the allergy meds working for you and helping you out.  I don’t know what’s worse-rain in the summer so everything blooms and blooms or drought where you end up with everything that comes with that.  Hope your meds keep helping you!

    • Marie E Natzke

      when there's a lot of rain then the mold counts go up that's probably what is bothering you sorry hope you get some relief


    • Melissa G

      @CAPuttPutt How have you been doing this winter? We have had another season with a lot of rain! We have had more rain this year than we have had in decades I think the meteorologist said. 

    • CAPuttPutt

      @Melissa G Hi Melissa! Thank you for checking on me! 🥰

      We are flooded here in Florida too. The ground is just over-saturated, our pond is overflowing. We’re having rock hauled in for our driveway because it got so muddy. An Amazon delivery driver even got stuck on our property. Our garden has not liked all the rain either. 

      Knock on wood, I’m actually the only one in my house who hasn’t gotten sick so far with ‘the crud’ (allergy/cold/congestion/cough). I came super close but I was able to fend it off somehow. I’m still taking Benadryl nightly but have stopped the nasal spray and allergy medicine (spring & summer is generally when I need them the most). 

      Has the wet weather affected you any? 

    • Melissa G

      Oh wow! That is terrible! I am like you, I only need extra allergy meds in the spring/summer. But I have had to double up on my antihistamine and use my allergy eye drops. I never have to do that in December! 

      I hope you dry out some soon! 

    • CAPuttPutt

      @Melissa G It would be nice if we could dry out, but unfortunately it started raining again last night (heavy) and is still lightly raining today. It’s one extreme to the next! lol 

    • Melissa G

      @CAPuttPutt How has the weather been? We keep getting more precipitation! Now in the form of snow! 

    • CAPuttPutt

      @Melissa G Hi Melissa! We’ve been wet, cold, then hot, muggy, then back to cold. It’s Florida, the weather changes every day, sometimes by the hour! lol My allergies haven’t known what to do this last week or so. I’m taking Benadryl at night and I added in my nasal spray last night as well. 

      How about you? Has the nutty weather wreaked havoc on your allergies? 

    • Melissa G

      Our weather has been crazy too! We had a couple of days in the 60's then back down in the 40's. Now snow! My allergies/sinuses have definitely been acting up. It's hard when the weather is all over the place!