Allergy testing changes over the years

Hello all, have you ever seen this: a drastic change in your skin test allergy results over the years? The left results are from 9 years ago. I’m considering starting allergy shots, but wonder how reliable this most recent result is? I know I’m sensitive to weeds/grasses. Watch out come spring time – if I go outside when D.H. is mowing or weeding, holy cow. I was on high dose prednisone at the time of testing. Thanks for your thoughts. 


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  • Melissa G

    Emelina, my skin testing can vary year to year. One year I even had the intradermal testing done. 

    Here is some info on . 

    Did your allergist suggest allergy shots?

  • Emelina

    Thanks for the resources Melissa. Yes, she is recommending allergy shots. Hopefully it will help with both the allergies and asthma symptoms. I signed the consent forms at my visit🤞. We’re just waiting until after I establish with pulmonology and make sure they have no objections … which they could because the lungs have been so grumpy lately. Thank you!

  • Kelsey124

    I had testing done 5 years ago and it wasn’t bad enough for them to suggest allergy shots. This being said, my asthma was getting super out of control so we redid the testing. To everyone’s surprise I had a biphasic anaphylactic reaction to the environmental allergen skin test. I was absolutely shocked! I have since started allergy shots. We’re going super slow as myself and my healthcare team prefer my trachea not swollen shut 😝

  • Emelina

    Holy cow Kelsey! That is so scary about the anaphylaxis! Have the allergy shots helped settle the lungs and reduced your allergy symptoms? I’m a little chicken to start allergy shots. The risks are small but scary and it’s a big commitment of 3-5 years! Super cool about the idea of retraining the body’s immune system rather than just masking/blocking symptoms. 

  • Kelsey124

    Yes(ish), I started in November and by January we were almost at the next strongest vial, but I got RSV and did a stint in the hospital and a month of steroids thereafter. Because of that nonsense I couldn’t get a shot for over a month so we had to basically start over. I haven’t reacted to anything yet but I am on so so many allergy meds. I haven’t reached the point where I’m supposed to feel a change but we’re getting there. Also allergy season is closing in so we shall see how much this is helping. It definitely is a commitment but if it means Im less likely to spontaneously erupt in hives or have a full blown bad asthma flare come June/July I’m totally down. Yeah the risk is there but it’s in a controlled environment. Even with the anaphylaxis from the testing it wasn’t that scary because I knew I was in a place with professionals that knew what to do. Totally different than reacting at home or on a hike. Idk about other people’s experiences, but having a reaction in the office is significantly less scary. Also they are used to it and handle those situations in a cool/calm/collected manor. I think it’s totally worth it if you can make the commitment.

  • Emelina

    Thank you Kelsey! Definitely food for thought. And thanks for helping me put the short term stuff in perspective with the long term gain. You bring up a good point about having a reaction at home vs in the office.