Allergist suggestions NYC

Does anybody living in NYC – all boroughs, know of any really good allergists or pulmonologists? I mean one who listens to our medical histories, etc.?



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  • Kathy P

    Have you checked tried searching in the American College of Allergists and Immunologists - 

    The American Academy of Allergists and Immunologists has a search as well - 

    That would give you board certified allergists as a starting point. Usually there is some info about their focus. 

  • Kathy P

    I edited your title to add the location. Hopefully others will have specific ideas. 

  • K8sMom2002

    We don't live in NYC, but a couple of things helped us find specialists that we liked and worked well with:

    • Asking a doctor that we know and trust and work well with. 
      • Docs tend to refer to doctors that are like them.
    • Asking family and friends for referrals — if these friends have similar preferences to you, that is.
    • When there's no good referral, we've had good luck asking to be sent to a teaching hospital. 

    Hugs … I hope you find a great doc!

  • Paularose

    Melissa, where do I begin? I have seen my pcp, 3 allergists, an ENT and a doctor at an urgent care center. Diagnoses: allergies, sinus infection and chemical sensitivity. The last allergist, who was so rude and condescending that I filed a complaint against him with NY's professional board told me to see an oral pathologist. Which is what my pcp said, but there are few here and none of them take insurance. One big shot charges $500.00!!! for just the initial consultation. WTF?!

    My cousin's husband is an excellent dentist and he sent me an oral rinse he found in Israel and he really is impressed by it. He sent me two bottles and said hold off on the pathologist for 2 weeks and then see where I stand.

    Sigh… But thanks for asking.💐