All natural allergy pills.. drowsiness

Hello.  I have very sever Allergies to grass and moderate to high allergies to other pollens…

The only allergy medicine that claims it does not cause drowsiness to me, well, causes some major drowsiness.  So I can't take that.  The other allergy medicine (I tried an all-natural, organic approach) does help, but again, for some weird reason EVEN that causes me extreme lethargy/drowsiness.


The only thing that has ever helped me are allergy shots, of which I can't do because they cost so much and I can't get any help paying for it.  


Really I just came here to ask, why in the world would an all-natural organic pill make me feel lethargic?  


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  • Shea

    Im not sure– I don't know what the pill ingredients are for the medication you took?

    Many prescription medicines are derived from plant sources, and so I know organic plant sources can have big effects on the body (although prescription meds are typically stronger and use isolated components of the plant). The plants or whatever organic thing(s) the pill is made of can have side effects similar to prescription drugs. 

    And because supplements arent monitored by FDA, and regular doctors are often not educated on them– it can be tough using supplements or organic plants to treat diseases–most have statements like that on the bottle. So when you are taking a new one it is a good idea to consult with a doctir to make sure it is not going to interact with anything you are taking or a medical problem you might have. 

    I looked at supplements for allergy before and done of them have what you are allergic to in the ingredients in small amounts like they are trying to desensitize you like a shot but I cannot do shots because my allergies are so severe, so for me taking that pill would be a bad idea. Some people complain of drowsiness after allergy shots limely caused by fatigue from their body fighting the allergen. 

    So if it is that type of pill/treatment, then driwsiness might be part of the body gighting. Other natural remedues like butterbar list drowsiness as a side effect. So it might be a side effect of the pill.

    It is good you noticed its affact on you. I like journalling and paying attention any time I change medications including supplements.


  • Martin

    It is called Genexa.  Allergy-D.

    Anyways, if I was to take allergy shots again and I can feel the same lethargy/fatigue I do now (even though I didn't in the past) I think I'm gonna have a serious problem.  lol.  I can't move unfortunately (not enough money)… well, this sucks… I'll just have to sneeze and cough all day long I guess, I'll look like I'm being tortured but I don't think people care about that anyways,  lol.  Thanks for your answer I appreciate it.  

  • Melissa G

    Hi Martin! Welcome to AAFA! 

    I haven't been able to find a antihistamine that didn't make me tired. So I have started taking them at night instead of the morning. What time do you take your medications?

  • Shea

    I am sorry about my typos! (I blame it on my phones touchscreen!) I meant to type I meant that some of the all-natural pills have allergens in them on purpose actually and they say that in the ingreduents because they are trying to slowly desensitize you in a way that sounds similar to the allergy shots. 

    But the Genexa (I just looked it up) is not that type. It is homeopathic and I see it says non-drowsy (obviously not the case for you). I have tried a homeopathic medicine for sinuses before (and I dont typically trust homeopathic meds) but it worked for me, so I was pleasantly surprised. I kind of remember it made me a little drowsy but not dizzy or pass out or anything. 

    You make a good point that a lot of people seem to downplay fatigue and drowsiness as a side effect. I dont know if they just prefer it to whatever they are treating — but I have a lot of daily fatigue myself and I hate it! But it helps me breathing — I have a pretty severe allergic disease called churg-strauss syndrome so I have to rely on some pretty strong precription meds for now. 

    I like Melissa's idea about taking it at night too.  I hope you find a good affordable  option that helps (and let us know how it goes if u can)! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Martin … different medications can have different side effects, depending on each person. For instance, Benadryl is supposed to make people sleepy, but for me, while it can cause drowsiness and a craving for sleep, it actually interferes with my sleep. 

    What other things have you tried? Do you use an indoor air purifier? 

  • Martin

    So taking the medicine at night (that's what I was doing for a while) doesn't matter because I get sleepy during the day anyways, and I also over-sleep.  Wow, allergy medicines I have tried… ok… Benedryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Allergy shots, Flonase, Nasacort (actually the only thing that does help, even though it's just a little [not enough] and doesn't make me drowsy), Neti-pot, Tylenol Allergy (don't know even why I tried it lol), Allergena – Texas Trees Liquid (also helps just a little, not enough).  there are 3 others I've tried I just can't remember what they were.  

  • K8sMom2002

    That's tough about the sleep issues … I'm assuming you're getting enough sleep and that when you're not taking the meds, you don't have the daytime sleepiness?

    If you still are sleepy during the daytime without medication, could you talk to your doctor? Sometimes sleep apnea can play a role and it can cause daytime sleepiness.

    Other things that have helped my DD with her environmental allergies — a saline spray used faithfully, especially after she comes in from outdoors. Other folks have used saline nasal washes, too. 

  • Shea

    I know I get more tired when my allergies and asthma are worse. I think fighting inflammation makes a person's body tired. And  a lot of the allergy meds have fatigye or drowsiness listed as a side effect. 

    The past few years I have put a big focus on keeping indoor air quality good in my home and keeping allergens inside at a minimum. I can tell it helps– like if I go on a mini vacay ever I am way more stuffed up than at home and it is really nice having my home set up as a little retreat from the bombardment if triggers outside (in Florida we have a lot–especially this time of year). 

    I have zippered encasements on mattress and pillows, I do the weekly hot water washing of sheets and linens, hepa purifier in room, no carpets, hepa vacuuming 2 times a week, and I diffuse essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Do you try any allergen avoidance techniques?

  • Martin

    To K8SMOM yes the sleepiness goes away when I am not taking the meds.  

    Yo Shea: yes I tried allergy avoidance, didn't help or change at all for me.  Pretty much did whar you described for about a year and a half.  So not doing anything right now except getting high quality air filtration.  HEPA fans don't help me for some reason.



  • Martin

    Oh and I did try the nei pot if you recall… but the problem is I am so stuffed up sometimes that I can't get ANYTHING through.  The only thing that helps the tiniest bit was thay nasacort.  Again though , only very little.

  • Melissa G

    Martin besides seeing an allergist, have you ever been to and E.N.T.(ear, nose, throat dr)? Have you ever had and MRI of your sinuses or a scope of your sinuses?

  • Martin

    Yeah they did look at the scope of my sinuses before.  I think the dr was an ENT at that time.  But yes, they made sure my sinuses were fine… 

  • Shea

    Martin, I don't remember if I said that I take benadryl at night too (so I don't mind that it makes me drowsy because I take it when I want to sleep). I'm bringing it up because I didn't take it last night because I am supposed to take an allergy test because I just moved and the new allergist wanted to test me. I was so stuffed up when I woke up! So… I ended up taking it and then fell back asleep for a while because it does make me super groggy. But it helped a lot. So yeah O guess my point is that avoidance alone doesn't do it for me, but it does help me. I k now because if I don't wash my sheets in hot water weekly my allergies and asthma are worse, and then once I wash them I sleep and wake up so much better. Same with dusting and vacuuming– when it gets behind I am struggling more … Even with the benadryl. I did recently buy a My Purmist because I hate using sprays in my nose but it makes pure water steam come out through a face mask over your nose and mouth, and I use it for about 15 minutes and it  really helps clear my nose and I can actually breathe through it. So the moral of my story is… one thing alone doesn't work for me, but the combination helps, and I can tell because when I get behind, my system acts up. 

  • Martin


    Cool cool cool… well it doesn't do anything at all for me, even the combination of things… but cool… It helps you that's good.  

  • Melissa G

    martin, how are you doing? Have you been able to find any medication to help you with your allergies?