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My 11 year old, for past year, has been sneezing and blowing his nose constantly most mornings and nights. We keep a very clean house and have no pets. It is becoming very frustrating, as hes always stuffy especially mornings/nights. No one else in our household is like this. He did have some allergy testing done and hes allergic to seasonal stuff, pets, some foods and dust mites. How can I figure out whats causing this daily? Is there another doctor or test I should consider? Thanks! 


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  • Melissa G

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    That is very frustrating when our kids are struggling! Is he currently taking a daily antihistamine? Has he ever tried a sinus rinse? 

    Here is some information on 

    Does he have a  and 

    What food is he allergic to? Have they been removed from his diet?

  • jmcman13

    Thanks for replying. We dont give him allergy medicine daily, unless its bad. When we do, its usually zyrtec or claritin. We havent really tried a sinus rinse yet. No covers on pillow or mattress, but we keep everything clean on a regular basis. Hes allergic to milk and peanuts, so he avoids those completely. His skin test showed low level allergies to almonds, beef and shellfish. We dont really have those often. I cant figure out what could be causing these allergies. I thought maybe mold, but I did an in home mold test and it was negative. Very weird. We live in PA, close to NJ. 

  • Melissa G

    I have allergies to dust and mold. Even though we clean on a regular basis and have casings on all of our mattresses and pillows, I have to take a daily antihistamine or I am a mess! This year has been particularly hard. With the recent weather, I have had to double my antihistamine, allergist recommended for me.

    Has the allergist suggested anything to help your son, as in medication? And allergy testing is not 100% accurate. I test positive to dust and mold, but there is something in the spring and fall that gets to me to, especially when we go camping. 

    Here is our  You can see where your city ranks in the top 100 most challenging places to live with allergies. 

  • jmcman13

    OK thanks! We are concerned with daily medicine due to long term side effects, especially the nasal steroids. any success with air purifier?

  • Melissa G

    I understand, but as our doctor has often said, you have to weigh the benefits vs the risks. Have you talked with the allergist about side effects and the long term risks of antihistamines? 

    I know some have had great success with  Do you use ?

    How about just a saline nasal spray? It is just plain salt water. 

  • Shea

    My 7 year old has dustmite allergies and its harder to manage than one would think. I have zippered encasements on the pillows and the bed AND a mattress cover thats easy to take off over it and then his sheets and a washable comforter– and I wash them weekly in hot water (except for the zippered case on the mattress which is such a pain to take on and off that I do it monthly. It's a lot of washing. But dust mites dont die if you dont do hot water. And if it goes over a week he gets stuffy. And I also have a HEPA purifier in the room. Now if I have to turn the heat on– (I live in Florida so that is not often) the air gets dryer from the electric heat and then also because cold air is dryer in general from outside… In that case a humidifier can be really helpful because the body is producing mucous either to wash out allergens like dust mites, etc and/or because the nasal passageways are too dry and mucous too thick to do its job properly– so dry air will irritate people with allergies often. 

    I get not wanting to do nasal sprays and not liking daily medicines in general. However, I take benadryl nightly because my allergies are worse than my son's. I only give him benadryl if he really cant sleep due to stuffy nose but he doesnt ask for it unless he really needs it.  I like showers to clear out my sinuses. He likes infrequent baths (because he still doesnt like getting water in his eyes). Neither of us like even just the saline rinses so I bought a MyPurMist that uses sterile water and creates stream in a mask that is nice and humid and that helps us too (I actually dont have a humidifier but I use that or a steamy shower and it does basically the same thing as a humidifier but for shorter time). But I still do want a humidifier one day just for those winter nights when the heat needs to be on. 

    So those are my best tips, I hope they help!